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Home Maintenance

Holdridge True Value has you covered with our expert team and all the home maintenance supplies you need. Whether you’re looking for general home cleaning and upkeep products, a special fitting, the right tool, or any of the nuts and bolts, we have what you need to keep all your DIY projects together.

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Home Maintenance

If you own a home and your plumbing toolkit consists of a lone plunger, chances are sooner or later you’ll need to tap into the knowledge or advice from someone versed in common plumbing repairs. Holdridge True Value has the plumbing tools, plumbing supplies and knowledgeable plumbing advice on hand to help you face a plumbing problem head on.

Home Cooling and Heating Equipment
To make the most of your current heating and cooling system, install a programmable thermostat. Our assortment of thermostats from featured brands help you stay in control of the temperature inside around the clock and may even help reduce your utility bills. Look for options with Wi-Fi capabilities for even more flexibility and control. We also have a wide variety of weathersealing products on hand for optimum efficiency.

For a more portable solution, shop our small space heater systems, fans and window AC units. Some air conditioner models are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, helping you stay comfortable wherever you work, play and sleep.

Control Your Atmosphere and Environment
Use humidifiers, dehumidifiers and air purifiers year-round to help improve the comfort and air quality inside your home.

Lighting and electrical
Unless you’re a licensed electrician, chances are most of your electrical encounters around the home will focus around testing, replacing and preventing — testing to ensure electrical equipment and connections are working properly, replacing worn or outdated electrical accessories (outlets, surge protectors and cords), and preventing your home from electrical hazards.

Automotive and RV
If you are handy and can do some simple auto repairs, we have the supplies and knowledgeable help to assist you. We carry bulbs, oils, cleaners, waxes, lubricants, additives, cables and much more.

We also carry a full line of household and specialty batteries for all your electronic needs – everything from AAA batteries to watch batteries to car door remotes.

All landscape projects begins with our initial consult meeting. Our focus is communication about customers ideas & goals, through collaborative discussion, we come up with a plan that utilizes our team experience and knowledge and customers goals in mind. We analyze the customers ideas to prepare an estimate to best suits the customer needs.

  • Design / Plant Selection
  • Installation including preparing garden beds, contours and grading, planting, edging, and mulch.
  • Maintenance including weeding, pruning, shrub and hedge trimming, size reduction, removal of overgrown plant material, rejuvenation pruning, edging, and apply fresh mulch.
  • Spring Clean Ups and Fall Close Downs
  • Consult for other services