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Update and enhance your home by transforming your interior and exterior with quality paint and stains.

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Paint Shop

With a vast inventory featuring top brands like Rustoleum, Krylon, XO Rust, Premium Decor, Minwax, and Verathane. Holdridge’s has products for every project. Browse our selection of paints, stains, finishes and other materials to find the supplies you need to complete your project.

We offer free paint matching and idea cards to inspire you. We have a vast selection of paints and spray paints, stains, finishes, and all the accessories to get the job done efficiently and with a professional look.

Interior Paint
Combining beauty with long-lasting surface covering, our interior and wall paints form the basis of a great-looking decor scheme. We carry a wide range of colors and sheens, from subtle eggshell white to tintable high gloss for a brighter and more colorful impact.

Exterior Paint
Our exterior paint range offers extra protection and weatherproofing for trim, rails, gates and other outdoors woodwork where a solid color is preferred to a natural look. And for painting larger outdoor areas, consider one of our ladders to safely reach even the highest corners of your home.

Stains and Finishes
Give your home’s wooden surfaces protection and natural color with our range of Cabot stains and finishes. We carry products suitable for indoor flooring, stairways and trims, along with waterproofing stains to give a natural look to outdoor woodwork or decking.

Because not every paint job is the same, your project might require supplies for something a little out of the ordinary. Our selection has what you need, including:

  • Rust prevention paint for keeping metal and pipework in pristine condition.
  • Concrete and garage floor paint to give a hard-wearing, slip proof coverage.
  • Porch and floor paint for long-lasting protection and great looks.
  • Camouflage spray paints, Hammered finishes, and fluorescents.
  • Chalk paint for easy application and professional finish without sanding, primers, or multiple coats.

Primers and Preparation
If you’re repainting a surface, it’ll probably need a little preparation to get the best results. Our range of chemicals and cleaners help to strip away old paint layers and remove debris to give a smoothly paintable surface. Next, use one of our primers to add an even undersurface for your decorative paint, increasing adhesion and concealing any left-behind traces of older color. If you need professional results from a DIY project, using a paint primer is a must.

Waterproofing Paints, Sealants, Caulk and Grout
Finish off your bathroom or kitchen décor work with waterproofing paints, sealants, caulk and grout for a high-class finish that’ll keep your walls, cabinets and floors safe from mold and water seepage.

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We also carry Minwax® brand stains and polyurethanes as well as Varathane® wood stains.

One-stop shopping:

  • All products for drywall repairs
  • All products for masonry repairs
  • All products for tiling, grouts, etc.
  • Many caulks, glues, tapes
  • Thinners and solvents
  • Cements
  • Driveway coating repairs
  • Wallpaper supplies
  • X-O Rust coating (color matching available)
  • Rust-Oleum® paints, sprays, and primers
  • Krylon® sprays
  • Professional rollers & brushes and much more
  • Coronado® by Benjamin Moore

All landscape projects begins with our initial consult meeting. Our focus is communication about customers ideas & goals, through collaborative discussion, we come up with a plan that utilizes our team experience and knowledge and customers goals in mind. We analyze the customers ideas to prepare an estimate to best suits the customer needs.

  • Design / Plant Selection
  • Installation including preparing garden beds, contours and grading, planting, edging, and mulch.
  • Maintenance including weeding, pruning, shrub and hedge trimming, size reduction, removal of overgrown plant material, rejuvenation pruning, edging, and apply fresh mulch.
  • Spring Clean Ups and Fall Close Downs
  • Consult for other services