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Tools & Supplies

Whether you’re making a simple repair or tackling a major DIY project, using the right hand tools makes any task go more smoothly and leads to better results. Our range of home tools and work tools covers all you need to get the job done with ease and safety.

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Tools & Supplies

Quality Work Tools for Reliable Results

A wide selection of high-quality tools from DeWalt, Bosch, and Master Mechanic are the basis of any good workshop or tool kit. Our range includes the essentials needed in every home, garage or shop, alongside more specialty items for handling advanced tasks.

Hand Tools
From multi-bit screwdrivers, pliers and hammers, to wrenches, handsaws, bolt cutters and more, find the hand tools you need to get any job done around your home. Screwdriver sets to fit standard and specialty screws and fasteners, ideal for large or small jobs around the home.

Power Tools & Accessories
For when you need some extra force, power tools are there to help. Select between corded and cordless options for your ideal fit, then shop power tool accessories to get the most out of your equipment.

Fastening Tools
Our selection includes staplers, rivets, glue guns and more to help you properly fasten any job.

Air Compressors and Tools
The versatility of an air compressor makes it a must-have for any home handyman. For DIY car repairs and easy spray painting, air compressors make several difficult tasks easier.

Saw Blades
Sift through a variety of tooth counts and many different materials for your ideal blade. Our saw blade variety features many blade styles, from reciprocating and circular blades to hacksaw blades, non-electric saw blades and more.

Wet & Dry Vacuums
Perfect for tackling a variety of cleanups, these dual-purpose vacuums do as their name suggests: clean up dry messes and remove wet spills. Use either at home, the garage or the job site.

Measuring and Marking Tools
Work with accuracy using extendable locking tape measures or advanced laser distancing measures to work worry free.

Keep all your tools neatly organized and readily available with tool storage & organization options like toolboxes, bags and storage bins in sizes to suit every tool collection and fit any workspace.

Workwear and Safety Gear
Using any tool can be risky, regardless of how experienced you are. Protect yourself and your materials with our range of workwear and safety gear including: respirators, shield, hearing protection, gloves, hard hats, vests, winter and rain coats and pants, and safety glasses.


All landscape projects begins with our initial consult meeting. Our focus is communication about customers ideas & goals, through collaborative discussion, we come up with a plan that utilizes our team experience and knowledge and customers goals in mind. We analyze the customers ideas to prepare an estimate to best suits the customer needs.

  • Design / Plant Selection
  • Installation including preparing garden beds, contours and grading, planting, edging, and mulch.
  • Maintenance including weeding, pruning, shrub and hedge trimming, size reduction, removal of overgrown plant material, rejuvenation pruning, edging, and apply fresh mulch.
  • Spring Clean Ups and Fall Close Downs
  • Consult for other services