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Backyard Birding

Birds control insect populations and are a vital part of natural ecology. At Holdridge’s, we are proud to stock bird baths, food and feeders of high quality to support all of your birding endeavors. We carry top-quality bird foods and innovative bird feeders. 

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Backyard Birding

We carry top-quality bird foods like Lyric, Wild Delight, Better Bird Seed, and Meadow Ridge with no added fillers or waste with specific blends to attract the widest variety of bird species. We also carry innovative bird feeders from makers like Droll Yankees in order to make feeding easy on your feathery friends. With squirrel proof designs and other unique technologies, Droll Yankee feeders are proudly made in the USA and the premium choice for your backyard birds.

Backyard birding has become a popular way for both experienced and novice enthusiasts to learn and explore feathered friends. Our expert team has the experience and knowledge to help you with your passion.

We work with you to make it easier to navigate your questions or ideas. There’s many options from plant selection to water sources, feeder / house styles and their placement.

The many benefits to backyard birding aside from education is it provides a level of insect control and makes a perfect alternative to those not looking to own pets. They assist with pollination and most notably, they provide entertainment with their personalities and patterns.

  • Feeders
  • Bird Houses
  • Hummingbird Feeders
  • Suet cakes
  • Lyric Premium Bird Food
  • True Value Bird Seed

All landscape projects begins with our initial consult meeting. Our focus is communication about customers ideas & goals, through collaborative discussion, we come up with a plan that utilizes our team experience and knowledge and customers goals in mind. We analyze the customers ideas to prepare an estimate to best suits the customer needs.

  • Design / Plant Selection
  • Installation including preparing garden beds, contours and grading, planting, edging, and mulch.
  • Maintenance including weeding, pruning, shrub and hedge trimming, size reduction, removal of overgrown plant material, rejuvenation pruning, edging, and apply fresh mulch.
  • Spring Clean Ups and Fall Close Downs
  • Consult for other services